6 Tips to Keep Your Car Yours for a Longer Time

A car is one of the most important things for a car owner in life. The car owners need to understand that their car needs regular care and proper maintenance so that it keeps pleasing you and does not breakdown in the middle of somewhere. A lot of people do not know about the basics of car care and maintenance. This is the reason they have to face situations like unnecessary breakdown and other mishaps. Here are some car care tips that will be helpful in keeping your vehicle young for a long time.

most important things

  1. Check the pressure of tires regularly

The pressure in the tires has great effect on the performance of the car. It is important to maintain the best pressure level in the tires for best performance. The tires should not be over inflated as it can be dangerous for the tires and cause them to burst. If the tires have a low pressure, it will affect the mileage of the car greatly. If an optimum pressure level of air is maintained in the tires, the car will give better mileage as well as the wear and tear of the tires will also be lesser.

  1. Never Overload

Never try to overload your vehicle with more passengers than its capacity. Overloading you car can hamper the efficiency of the suspensions of the cars as well as the shock absorbers.

Car Never Overload

  1. Check all the fluid regularly

You need to check all the fluids of your car on a regular basis. The fluids that need to be checked regularly include break oil, engine oil, gear oil, engine coolant and refrigerant used for air-conditioning. The right level of these fluids is crucial for safe and smooth running of your car. Ignoring the levels of these fluids can be dangerous for your vehicle. Checking them once a week will be enough to make sure that they are at optimum level.

  1. Regular Service

It is essential to send your vehicle for servicing on a regular basis. It would be best to send it on service every ten thousand kilometers. When a car is sent for servicing, the mechanic checks it thoroughly and rectifies every small defect to ensure that car keeps running smoothly.

Car Regular Service

  1. Get Your Car Insured

Getting your car insured is very important to keep it covered in case of any damages. It helps in covering any expenses for damages done to your car in an accident or otherwise. With auto insurance Philippines, you can have complete peace of mind that if there are any damages done to your car, it will be covered by your charter ping an car insurance company. There are many different car insurance companies online that can offer you the best car insurance policy.

  1. Wax and wash

Waxing and washing of your car is also essential for better health of your car. If you wax your car regularly, it will protect the look and shine of the original paint of your car. With regular washing and waxing, it is easier to protect the car from the effects of weather and sunlight.

These are some of the tips that can help in keeping your car young for a longer time.