Online market for a pre-owned Polo car

Purchasing a pre-owned or second hand car makes sense only if the buyer gets them at a right price to value equation. Volkswagen cars are one of the highest in terms of quality and engineering. Thus, it is on the dream list of the middle class working community in Bangalore. They are able to fulfil this dream by purchasing a second hand or pre owned Polo.

Why choose Volkswagen Polo?

The car is good hatchback to buy for a city like Bangalore. The Polo entered the Indian market in 2009 and has quickly become a favourite as it is well built, rides well and is a good handler. It comes in a wide variety of variants and has an attractive design.

Where to buy?

A Volkswagen dealership may be tad bit difficult to find in Bangalore but it is not impossible. One can easily purchase a second hand Volkswagen Polo by meeting individual sellers through friends and relatives. Go and visit a dealership that sells second hand Polo cars or go through the various online car selling portals on the internet.

Money matters

The Volkswagen Polo in petrol variant may cost about Rs 3 lakh which may vary according to the model. The diesel Polo will cost around Rs 3.7 lakh or higher depending on other features and specifications. For every consecutive model launched a sum of Rs 30-35,000 can be added to determine the approximate price. These prices are exclusive of other additional costs.

In general, the price for used Volkswagen Polo in Bangalore can range from anywhere as low as 4 Lakhs to as high as 9.5 Lakhs. Since, Volkswagen is a relatively new brand, banks are sceptical of providing loans and in most cases the interest rates are also high as compared to other cars and brands in the same category.