Worldcore Financial Service for Businesses and Individuals – A Complete Review

Worldcore Financial ServicesWorldcore is a new-age financial platform, which offers broad range of services like access to bank wire transfers, e-currency payments and choice of prepaid debit cards among others. The service has been promoted as a great choice for individuals and businesses, so should you give Worldcore a thought? Here is a quick review that will help you understand better.

What’s Worldcore?

Worldcore FinancialWeb-based internet services have been around for quite some time, and there are quite a plenty to name. Worldcore takes the good things from most of these and blends some of its own unique feature to offer an exciting platform. Basically, no matter whether you are a business or individual, you can do things like sending and receiving wire transfers, order Worldcore Visa debit card and make payments to Visa/MasterCard worldwide among others. The best thing is you can send and get as many transactions as the need may be, but in compliance with international regulations.

How secure is Worldcore?

Financial services KYCIt’s pretty obvious that when such a big brand is launched, all possible security concerns have been taken care of. The brand is owned by EUPSProvider s.r.o., which happens to be the prime operator too for the service and is regulated by Czech National Bank. The complete platform runs on secure encrypted https connection, which is pretty much expected, but what is even better is the choice of SMS and email authentication for transactions that enhances security. If you are concerned about who owns accounts on Worldcore or, rest assured about the same as the platform only accepts applications that are Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) compliant.

The plus side

commerce merchant accountWorldcore has been planned in a good deliberate way, as many of the loopholes of other web-based services are missing here. Also, the choice to set up e-commerce merchant account or a regular user account is pretty easy, and as long as you have all the documents, the processing is done is less than 48 hours. Transferring and using the money from your Worldcore account is easy and the debit card facility is commendable. In fact, businesses can choose to get debit cards in as many numbers needed.

The other side

There isn’t much to write about Worldcore, for the fact that it is a fairly new service that needs at least some time to find its niche. For now, the features are all that we can judge, and from that point, this one scores big time with very dedicated services.

Final verdict

If you have been thinking of changing the way you deal with finances, especially when you are a freelancer, business owner or even self-employed person, Worldcore does deliver for the same. The money you receive is always transferred in Euros or US Dollars, which makes it easy for all reasons.

Author Bio:-Steven Atkins is a financial consultant, who mainly works in the field of personal finance. He is also a passionate writer and often likes to write reviews and stuff that will help people around the world.